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At Studio Dentaire Midtown, we understand that going to the dentist can be difficult for some, either due to lack of time or anxiety. Our goal is to dedicate ourselves to make you comfortable and to ensure the best experience possible during the evaluation of your oral health and treatments.

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Our services

Preventative Services

  • Complete oral examination

    We evaluate your complete orofacial health.

  • Dental emergency

    In case of emergency, you will be seen as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • Digital Radiology

    We use the latest, state of the art digital technology which reduces the amount of radiation to ensure a proper diagnosis.

  • Gum Disease assessment and Cleaning

    Gum disease is a main contributor for premature loss of teeth. It’s important to regularly have your gums evaluated and teeth cleaned for a healthy smile.

  • Caries (cavity) prevention and detection

    Caries (cavities) can be detected at a very early stage using radiographs and transillumination. When detected early, we restore them to prevent further damage. Prevention of decay can also happen with a healthy homecare routine and regular dental visits.

  • Sealants

    Used to fill the grooves of permanent molars to prevent food impaction that can lead to cavities.

Restorative Dentistry

  • Restorations (Fillings)

    Cavities can be restored using many different materials. We will assess the right one for you depending on your needs.

  • Root canal therapy

    A root canal is needed when the nerve of the tooth has been affected by caries or trauma.

  • Dental extractions

    Removing a tooth is necessary when it can no longer be saved.

  • Crown and bridge

    A crown is used to provide full coverage of a tooth to avoid fracture and premature loss, whereas a bridge is an option to replace a tooth permanently.

  • Implant restorations

    An implant is used as an option to replace a missing tooth permanently.

  • Complete and Partial Dentures

    This option is used to replace missing teeth when bridges and implants are not possible.

Oral Health

  • Bruxism

    Do you wake up with headaches in the morning, feel like all your teeth are hurting? You might clench or grind your teeth at night. This could result in an overall loss of tooth structure leading to generalized sensitivity but also a wear of your joint in your jaw that leads to a cracking or popping sounds. A nightguard, which is worn at night, prevents premature wear of the teeth.

  • Oral Pathology

    With regular oral exams, we increase the chances of detecting lesions early, making them easier to treat.

  • Sportsguard

    Are you or your kids involved in sports? Protect your teeth and reduce the chances of a concussion by using a well fitted mouthpiece made for you


  • Minor orthodontics and Invisalign

    We provide minor orthodontic treatments to improve your smile.

  • Creating a more esthetic smile

    If you would like to improve your smile, we can discuss and provide different options for you.

  • Bleaching

    We offer different options to brighten your pearly whites!

Families are welcome

It is important for many to have a one stop shop. We welcome patients of all ages! When referring is mandatory, we work with a team of specialists with whom we communicate regularly to provide you with the best possible care.
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Meet the team

Dr. Karyne Spina BSc D.M.D.

Dr. Spina graduated from McGill University in 2002 after completing a Bachelors in Physiology and Toxicology from UQAM in 1998. She followed her doctorate by completing a one year multidisciplinary residency program at McGill. She has been practicing in private practice since then.

Year of graduation: 2002

Specialty: General Dentistry

Services offered in: French, English, Italian and Spanish

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